• Be briefed by the former head of the Mossad
  • Meet former Mossad agents and hear their riveting stories
  • Take part in a hands-on training experience with Mossad field agents
  • Enter the world of cyber-warfare where Israel is a major player
  • Observe a trial of Hamas terrorists in an IDF military court.
  • First hand tours of the Lebanese & Syrian front-line military positions and the Gaza border check-points.
  • ATV’s ride in the Golan Heights, a moonlight boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee, traditional Shabbat diner in the Old City.
  • Meeting Israel’s Arab agents who infiltrate the terrorist groups and provide real-time intelligence.
  • Briefing by Israel’s war heros who saved the country.
  • Meetings with senior Cabinet Ministers and other key policymakers.
  • Inside tour of the controversial Security Fence and IDF military bases.
  • First Class Accommodation:

    • 5 star accommodations at the Leonardo Plaza Hotel Jerusalem and at the Galei Kinneret Hotel in Tiberias
    • Three lavish meals a day
    • Luxury bus transportation and knowledgeable tour guides
    • A dedicated Executive Communications Center at the hotel

    *** Please note that the program’s itinerary is subject to possible changes and substitutions per Shurat HaDin’s sole discretion. It is also subject to change based on the needs of the IDF and other authorities, in particular when a certain security situation or national security matter arises.

    “I have visited Israel about 15 times (since 1968). I have joined Shurat Hadin on three missions. Before my first mission, I checked references. One of the references happened to be a friend who has traveled to Israel 25 times. She told me it was the best trip she ever had, and she was repeating it also. The trip promises many interesting experiences, and delivers in spades. I would recommend this to anyone, especially someone who has visited Israel before. Outstanding program, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”

    Howard Feldman, Del Mar, CA

    Cost: $ 3,445

    (cost does  not include flights and is based on double occupancy, for single occupancy there is an additional fee of $1,150)

    A mandatory tax-deductible donation of $600 – $5,000 per person is required.

    Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center is a fully independent non-profit organization, unaffiliated with any political party or governmental body. Donations are needed to assist in the funding of Shurat HaDin’s activities such as terror victim litigation against the Palestinian terrorist organizations, their leaders and financial patrons, a legal struggle against those who act in order to harm and de-legitimize the Jewish state of Israel or to support Anti-Semitism throughout the world. Among others, the donations will permit the survivors of the hundreds of killed and injured to seek justice and compensation through the court systems around the world.  Shurat HaDin’s budget relies entirely on the generosity of donors. All donations in the US and Canada are tax-deductible.




Monday, Dec 4:  Opening

Registration at the Dan Hotel in Tel Aviv
Opening Banquet at the Dan Hotel

  • Briefing by­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­ Tamir Pardo, former head of the Mossad
  • Introductory remarks by Shurat HaDin’s Director, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner, Esq.

Overnight: Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv


Tuesday, Dec  5

Breakfast at the hotel

Lecture by Udi Levy, Former Mossad Agent: “Terror Financing: Strategy in Stopping the Flow of Money”

To Machane Ofer

Visit to Military court, Machane Ofer Military Base near Jerusalem.

  • Tour of the military court
  • Observation of a security trial of Hamas terrorists
  • Briefing by Menachem Lieberman, President of the Ofer Military Court

Travel to Shcunat HaTikva

An authentic Middle Eastern lunch in Tel Aviv's historic HaTikva Quarter.

Visit to the Mossad Museum, The Israel Intelligence Heritage and Commemoration Center (IICC)

  • View exhibits that include historical documentation and artifacts from high-profile intelligence missions
  • Learn how the Israeli Intelligence community handles current threats
  • Lecture by Dani Limor, Former Mossad Agent: “Operation Moses: The First Covert Operation to Save Ethiopian Jewry”

Travel to Hakiriya, IDF Headquarters in Tel Aviv – HaKirya.

  • Briefing by Igal Ostonovsky, Head of the Political Security Directorate at the Ministry of Defense

Dinner at Meatos, the finest restaurant in Tel Aviv.

Overnight: Dan Hotel, Tel Aviv


Wednesday, Dec 6:

Breakfast at the hotel

Mossad Basic Training Workshop, “A Taste of What it Takes to be a Mossad Agent”

Briefing by Uzi Shaya, Former Mossad Agent: “Recruitment to the Mossad”

Travel to Latrun, The Armored Corps Memorial Site and Museum

  • Briefing by Sima Shain, Former Head of Research at the Intelligence Division of the Mossad

Travel to Border Patrol Unit

  • Visit to the headquarters of the Border Patrol in the Jerusalem area
  • Tour of the security fence and the Kalandia checkpoint
  • Visit to the Border Patrol’s security control and observations room

Travel to the Sea of Galilee, Kinneret.

Walking tour of the city of Tiberias.

Dinner at Pagoda, a Chinese restaurant on the Sea of Galilee.

Overnight: U Suits, Tiberias

Thursday, Dec 7:

Breakfast at the hotel

Travel to Ben Tal

  • Briefing by Major (Res.) Sarit Zehavi, Military Intelligence for the IDF Research & Analysis division and the Northern Command

To Marom Golan

  • ATV tour on the Syrian border


To Misgav Am, a front line Kibbutz on the Lebanese border

  • Briefing on the Lebanese border.

To Manara

  • Visit IDF frontline post and meet soldiers

To Safed

Moonlight Boat Cruise on the Sea of the Galilee

Dinner at Decks/Pagoda , the finest restaurant on the Sea of the Galilee.
Overnight: U Suits, Tiberias


Friday, Dec 8:

Breakfast at the hotel

Departure to Beit Shean

  • Briefing and New Shurat HaDin Book Signing with Shurat HaDin’s Director, Nitsana Darshan-Leitner

“Harpoon: The Mossad, Terror Financing, and the Legacy of Meir Dagan”

Visit Site of Historic Beit Shean


Departure to Jerusalem

Arrival in Jerusalem

הדלקת נרות

  • Bus ride to The Western Wall (The Kotel) in Jerusalem’s Old City
  • Welcoming the Sabbath, “Kabbalat Shabbat”, at the Western Wall
  • Traditional Dinner and Shabbat Celebration in the Old City

Walk back to the Hotel

Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem


Saturday, Dec 9:

Breakfast at the hotel
Morning prayers at the hotel or at a nearby synagogue
Special walking tour in the heart of Jerusalem. Visit sites holy to the world's three major religions and experience first hand the city's uniquely magical and historical atmosphere

Lunch at the hotel

Evening: free

Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem


Sunday, Dec 10:

Breakfast at the hotel

Briefing by Ram Levi, Cyber Warfare Expert:

Cyberterrorism: The Emerging Threat from Cyberspace”

Travel to Gaza Border
Visit Erez Crossing, Gaza Border

  • Tour of the Erez Crossing Terminal
  • Briefing by the Commander of the Border Crossing: "Gaza: The Security Threat After the Israeli Withdrawal”

Travel to Kibbutz Alumim, Community on the Gaza Border

  • Lunch and discussion with Kibbutz members
  • Kibbutz tour of the children’s route to the shelters
  • Observation of Gaza from the Alumim water tower

Travel to Jerusalem

Farewell Banquet at the Hotel

Farewell greetings by Shurat HaDin’s staff and mission participants

Overnight: David Citadel Hotel, Jerusalem. 


Monday, Dec 11:

Breakfast at the hotel

Travel to Yad Vashem, Israel’s Holocaust Museum and Memorial

Yad Vashem tour with guide

To Hotel

Check out


* Please note that the program's itinerary is subject to possible changes and substitutions per Shurat HaDin's sole discretion. It is also subject to change based on the needs of the IDF and other authorities, in particular when a certain security situation or national security matter arises.



The Ultimate Mission took us to roads and places never experienced before that ought to be on every thinking person’s Bucket List. It is a fantastic way to holiday while educating oneself and providing practical  support to such an important organisation that is so clearly appreciated in Israel for its work in support of victims of terror and in battling anti-Israel and anti-Semitic campaigns worldwide.

Steven Abromwich and Dr. Sally Kogosowski

Melbourne, Australia
“I thought the trip was outstanding. The access was as good as I could have expected and I was particularly impressed by the sincerity and frankness of all our speakers. It is clear that it is impossible to understand the complexity of the situation without seeing and hearing it first hand”.

Richard Sutin

Toronto, Canada
“I now understand why the Mission is called “The Ultimate Mission”. It is indeed the ultimate mission, the name is not just marketing. The Mission has exceeded ALL my expectations in every possible area. The speakers were amazing and, even though they are very busy people, they actually showed that they found it important to be with us. The sites we saw were impressive, what an excellent choice!”

Geraldo Lima Filho

Sao Paulo, Brazil
“My experience on this tour was an outstanding one, and I highly recommend it to anyone who’s interested in Israel. It totally changes a person’s perspective about life in Israel, and it’s a very positive change. I plan to do this tour again, for sure, and I am recommending it to my family members.”

Elise A. Reed, D.O.

“I had been on the “Ultimate Mission” to Israel once and thought that my fiance (now my wife) must join with me the second time round. The organizers have taken infinite care to esign a program which is simply breathtaking. They take you to fascinating places of the highest security classification where you get to meet and question the top Generals down to the simple private soldiers. You see and hear things to you could never hope to gain access otherwise. You come away with a unique and (for once) properly informed insight into the security concerns of this amazing nation state. At the same time, no sacrifice is made to one`s creature comforts, and the food and accommodation are both excellent. You will make wonderful new friends, as we did. You will be thrilled by what you see and hear. We cannot overstate the excellence of this experience.”

Jonathan Goldberg Q.C., Regina Skyer

London, UK; New York, USA
“We have been frequent visitors to Israel over the last 40 years, have been on several missions, and even lived in Israel with our children for a year. We thought we had graduated well beyond the tourist stage and were, in fact, a bit jaded. Imagine our pleasant surprise on the Shurat Hadin mission to have had the opportunity to acquire a much more profound understanding of the political, military, legal and moral dimensions of Israeli society. Thank you for a week very well spent, and much success with your noble work.”

Evelyn and Paul Jacobs

Toronto, Canada
“I have visited Israel about 15 times (since 1968). I have joined Shurat Hadin on three missions. Before my first mission, I checked references. One of the references happened to be a friend who has traveled to Israel 25 times. She told me it was the best trip she ever had, and she was repeating it also. The trip promises many interesting experiences, and delivers in spades. I would recommend this to anyone, especially someone who has visited Israel before. Outstanding program, I guarantee you won’t be disappointed!”

Howard Feldman

Del Mar, CA
“The Ultimate Lawyers’ Mission wildly exceed my every expectation. There is simply no comparable way to experience Israel in these trying times. On a judicial, military, cultural and religious level, the Mission delivered every time. Whether it was observing a terror trial outside Beit El, cruising the Kinneret in the beautiful moonlight, staring down Hizzboulah terrorists across the Lebanese border, or meeting the key policy makers and shapers in Israel, each stop on the odyssey connected me more and more to the tribulations and triumphs of our amazing Israeli brothers and sisters. Thank you Shurat Hadin for the experience of a lifetime!”

Menashe Frank, Esq.

Miami, Florida
“Thanks Shurat Hadin for a very exciting and unique experience during the recent mission in November! The places visited were exciting and eye-opening. I had never been to these places on any of my many previous visits to Israel. Your speakers were informative, insightful, thoughtful, and very personable. The mission seems to attract a diverse and interesting group of participants. There was always an atmosphere of stimulating discussion and debate during meal time and over drinks.
Overall, your program engaged us emotionally and intellectually in the complexity of strategic, tactical, moral, and political issues facing Israel as it meets various security and military threats on a daily basis. For those interested in such issues, this mission is a must! ”

Ronald Swirskym

Thornill, Canada
“This is not your mother and father’s Mission. Jam-packed with unusual and in-depth views of what is really going on in Israel’s ongoing war — it is a “find” for the novice and an eye opener for people who consider themselves knowledgeable about the Middle East. Excellent accommodations fabulous food, comfortable transportation and fellow travelers who are menschen. Nitsana is an inspired leader and Shabbat in Jerusalem is a delight.”

Beryl & Morris Dean

Haverford, PA
“I want to thank you for an amazing trip. It was far more than I ever imagined it would be. It was an awesome experience to hear from the best minds in Israel on the security/terrorism issue. The people who we spoke with were not just intelligent and completely versed in the subject matter, but they were also deep thinking, wise individuals. We also had a wonderful bunch of participants making the whole experience just plain unforgettable. Thanks again for all your hard work. It showed”.

Gale Levy, Esq.

Seattle, Washington
“May I take this opportunity to thank every intelligence officer, military commander, soldier, border guard, policeman, government official, terror victim, rabbinical scholar and judge we met during the Lawyers’ Mission, not leaving out those “ordinary” Israelis gracious enough to receive us in their homes. I came away from Israel with an abiding sense of the decency and courage of its people in the face of terror, and a renewed determination to see the UK ally itself with Israel in its hour of need.”

Michael Shrimpton, Adv.

Watermead, Bucks, UK
“Despite having been to Israel several times and being married to an Israeli, the Shurat HaDin Lawyers’ Mission, gave me a much greater insight into the reality and consciousness of the incredible struggle the Israelis face on a daily basis. The speakers which came from all levels of the military, intelligence, government and judiciary intrigued and greatly impressed our entire group with their articulate understanding of the Middle East reality. I came away from each meeting with a combination of feeling invigorated and more determined to stand behind Israel. The Mission was extremely well planned, organized with first rate accommodations, transportation and food. It exceeded all of my expectations, Any professional interested in experiencing first hand the reality of Israel cannot miss this Mission.”

David Winer, Esq.

Waukegan, IL
“The Shurat HaDin ‘Ultimate Mission to Israel’ provided information that far exceeded my expectations. As a retired Special Operations Commander I instruct law enforcement and military personnel in seminars entitled, ‘Understanding Radical Islam- A Terrorism Study Guide for 21st Century Law Enforcement.’ The access to information and analysis from high level counter terrorism officials from the Israeli military, intelligence community, and government was a once in a lifetime opportunity. The unique work of Shurat HaDin in representing victims of terrorism is truly inspirational, and is tremendous example of the courageous attitude of the Israeli people. You can be assured I will be telling all those who attend my seminars about Shurat HaDin.”

Commander Mark A. Trimble (Ret.)